Sustainable Fashion- Doing your part for the environment

What is the relation between resale clothing and sustainability??

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, right behind the oil industry.The fashion industry is a major water consumer.
Huge quantity of fresh water are used for the dyeing and finishing process for all of our clothes. As reference, it can take up to 200 tons of fresh water per ton of dyed fabric. Not only is the fashion industry to blame for thinning of the ozone layer and drought, but the fashion industry uses mostly factories in low-income countries that have the endure horrible working conditions and wages. To be more aware of your consumerism and buy mostly pre-loved items helps the earth heal from the damage caused by fast fashion AND you’ll look way cooler in your one-of-a-kind pieces knowing you are doing something to help the environment and others. From Sarah Jessica Parker to Winona Ryder, celebrities alike are transforming their wardrobes to vintage and recycled clothing!!

What is Buy, Sell, Trade clothing?

BUY SELL TRADE basically means we buy your clothing shoes, & accessories or trade with you for items in our store. Items will be looked at from the hours of 11am-3pm Monday-Saturday (no appointment needed) and accessed based on the stores’ current inventory levels, what’s popular in store at that time, the season & the condition of the items brought in. If there are any items of yours we want to have in our store, we will price your items out and give you a percentage of your items’ selling price in cash or you can decide to take the store credit that is valid in the store with no expiration date!

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