Question- Do I need appointment to sell items?
No appointment is needed, our buying counter is open monday-saturday from 11AM-3PM.


Question- Do my clothes have to be on hangers?
No, you can bring your clothing in bags, items should be clean but do not need to be pressed.


Question- How much money do you pay for clothing?
The amount we pay is determined by several factors including: Brand, size, style, condition, and demand. We calculate what we will sell the item for in the store and offer 30%-50% of that amount in cash or 50% in store credit.
Note: Each item is calculated separately


Question- Do you only take specific brands?
Although we mainly look for specific brands (see our “Brands we buy” page), we will sometimes take unique and trendy styles if its a size or item that we are low on in the store.


Question- How long does it take to sell clothing?
The wait time depends on how many bags you have and if other sellers are ahead of you, but it is generally between 5 and 25 minutes.


Question- Is there a limit on how much stuff I can bring in at one time?
There is no limit, we will be happy to look through as much as you bring. However the amount of time it takes us to give you an offer would likely be much longer if you have several bags.


Question- Do you pay cash for my items or are they on consignment?
If you have items we would like to purchase from you, we will pay you cash on the spot for your items.


Question- Do I get more for my items in trade?
Most of the time, yes. For designer handbags and other select designer items we will offer cash or trade in the same amount, but usually the trade offer is higher than the cash offer.


Question- If I get store trade do I have to spend it the same day?
No, a trade slip would be issued to you for future visits. Note: Trade never expires


Question- Can I donate things that you do not buy from me?
Unfortunately, Due to COVID-19 we cannot take donations any longer. We can, however, suggest local donation spots who can take your items.


Question- Do I have to wait at the store for a buyer to look through my clothes?
No. You are welcome to leave your items at the store and return later the day to receive your offer.


Question- What happens if I lose my trade slip?
Unfortunately we do not keep a record of trade issued so you must present your trade coupon to redeem it.


Question- Do you buy replica items?
No, we only buy and sell authentic items.