Welcome to Urban!

We are so appreciative of our awesome community and customers. Thank you for shopping small for 16 years now!

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We buy Vintage!

We carry a variety of vintage clothing items from 1950's-1990's- for all of you vintage fans out there.

You can usually always find some good Levis, Band tees & Harley Davidson clothing.

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We love eclectic style

From the displays on the walls, to the mannequins in the front, to the fitting room design- we love eclectic style!

We are a safe space for anyone and everyone.  And our fitting rooms are OPEN 🙂

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We steam & sanitize all new inventory prior to putting it on the floor. Masks are encouraged, but NOT required. Thank you for supporting us through this difficult time!


We are currently open 10am-7pm monday-saturday & 10am-6pm Sunday.

Our buying hours are 11am-3pm monday-saturday

Our Story

Urban Exchange in Temecula, CA first opened our doors in 2006. We were the first local store to offer the community a place to sell & trade their gently-used trendy clothing.

Over the years we have evolved and grown so much (all thanks to you awesome people!) and pride ourselves in being a top spot to find the designer labels you want at prices you are happy with.

As we have grown we now have a large area for vintage items and some local pieces from artisans in the area. We love being apart of this community- thank you for shopping small all of these years. Its been truly a blessing to be here now for so long.


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Next Steps...

Interested in selling your items to us? Come in! We buy from 11am-3pm Monday-Saturday.

Any questions?